TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC
TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) is a Virginia based Business Services, Program and Project
Management consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of government agencies, businesses, real
estate professionals, builders and individual investors in the full range of Project Management and financial services.
With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to projects, TRD is able to offer its clients a
customized and quality service not offered by its competitors.
Whether your project is large or small, TRD’s seasoned
professionals provide solutions to your tough challenges.
We generate lasting value for our clients, creating
unequaled confidence and certainty.

At TRD, we customize each project approach using our
depth of expertise across a wide spectrum of knowledge.
We have multiple resources and a national footprint to
service owners, contractors, government agencies,
financial institutions, and businesses, in all industries from
concept through project closeout regardless of size,
scope, or complexity.
TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) is a company with a passion for
excellence, honest and ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity. We achieve
high-quality results and consistently meet our commitments to our clients.
Put us to work on your
project today!
Working together to complete your projects successfully
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