About Us
TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC originated from
the vision of its founder  Donald Tatem, a project
management and business management specialist with
over 20+ years in the business. Mr. Tatem believes in
putting real-life experiences and practical knowledge to
work developing highly effective project solutions for
clients worldwide.

The TRD leaders have project management experience
in every situation imaginable – from political campaigns
to systems development, special events to new product
development, energy exploration to facility relocation.
Our experiences cover a variety of industries-
manufacturing, technology, construction, retail,
infrastructure, financial and more.
Our History
Management believes that operating the company in
separate divisions allows the company to manage and
operate each division as a separate profitable entity. This
diversifies the company’s investments as well as allows
for easier detection of unprofitable areas of business.

TRD oversees multiple projects, manages client portfolios,
and deals directly with stakeholders to allow them to make
sound decisions.

TRD’s ability to provide professional well defined solutions
is coupled with our ability to assists clients with access to
resources to move projects from concept to reality.
Our Business
TriOmni’s Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) offers a list of project management and consulting services to
government agencies and business owners to choose from, depending on their particular project/program and
business needs.

TRD works with businesses, governments and organizations to manage various projects. Services are available
throughout the United States as well as internationally. TRD’s projects range from assisting a company find and lease
new office space to overseeing an international housing project after a natural disaster.
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