Development Services
Development Feasibility Analysis
A development feasibility study examines options for
realizing the value of a real estate asset and balances
analysis is tailored to the specific qualities of the owner's
range of economic and other goals. The property, but
typically investigates different program options and
associated market, entitlement and financial feasibility
issues. The feasibility analysis will inform the owner of
viable options for site development and is designed to
lead the owner to clear decisions.
Green Development Strategies
Consultant Team Selection and Management
Project Financing Strategy and Procurement
Design Phase Management & Integration
Contractor Bidding and Selection
Construction Mgmt & Job Cost Accounting
Green development and design strategies are most
successful and most cost effective when they are
integrated into the initial project concept.  We strive to
achieve visionary goals through practical strategies and
building technologies.  Green project goals identified at
the beginning of the project are incorporated into all
aspects of the design as it proceeds through the
development process.
The most critical element for project success is the
selection and management of the team members who
will contribute to the realization of the project vision.  All
consultants are selected not only for their professional
expertise, but also for their ability to participate in an
integrated design process where all team members work
collaboratively to achieve the project’s goals. We also
identify critical financial partners early in the team
building process.
track record in securing a broad range of innovative
project financing due to our development capacity,
national base of projects utilize a mix of public and private
financing strategies including low-income housing tax
credits, new market tax credits, bond financing, public
subsidy, green-targeted grants and loans, and real estate
financial strength and depth of project expertise.  Our tax
exemptions. This complexity leads to lower leveraged,
conservative financing.
Our development expertise provides for comprehensive
management and integration of the project's program,
financing, design, engineering and construction
professionals.  Our twenty years of green design and
construction expertise allow us to collaborate with
consultants to cost-effectively integrate green principles
into all aspects of the design.  We coordinate the design
process to ensure that the project qualifies for green
incentive funding and achieves targeted green
We incorporate constructability and cost considerations
into the decision-making process throughout design
development, resulting in a project that conforms to  
projected budgets.  We manage the contractor
bidding process such that the  bidders fully understand
the objectives of the proposed project and are able to
submit the most accurate and cost-competitive bid.  Our
construction expertise extends through the bid evaluation
and negotiation process to the selection of a contractor
who will realize the project vision with rigorous cost control.
Our in-house construction experts participate in the design
development process to ensure that key constructability,
budget and green considerations are incorporated into the
project design. Once construction has commenced, we track
construction progress, make regular site visits, and continue
to manage all team members to deliver the project on-time
and on-budget.  We have particular expertise in managing
the payment requisition process to conform to all public and
private financing requirements.