IT Selection & Implementation
New IT systems are a large investment of company time, effort, and money.

When the right system is implemented well, it serves a functional and strategic need, ensuring the effective use of
information and resources.  Neglect to account for all stakeholders and functions and you risk implementing a system
that doesn’t benefit users or produce desired results.

TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) leads the complex process of defining business and end user
requirements to select the right system.  We implement a solution to ensure all users, stakeholders, and impacted
parties have an effective and functional technology.  TRD’s on-site leadership, planning, and robust implementation
process minimizes frustrations and promotes adoption.  Realizing that new systems can be imposing or even
resisted, we provide structured training and post go live support to enable seamless integration.  We uniquely blend
the practices of professional project management and change management to deliver sustainable results.  

Whether we’re helping companies upgrade or replace existing functional or corporate IT systems, we optimize the
corporate processes supported by the new technology.

The graphic below represents the six phases of a TRD IT selection and implementation project. Project
management, change management, IT infrastructure, and training and documentation are absolutes through each phase.