Merger, Acquisitions and Integrations
The risks associated with merger and acquisition transactions are vast.

Melding organizational cultures, capturing synergies, implementing the workforce transition, and retaining customers
can be challenging. When M&A processes are executed well, the expenditure of time, effort, and company resources
throughout the M&A process is well worth it.

TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) applies professional project management and change management
to various stages of mergers and acquisitions to mitigate these risks, build momentum, gain support, and instill
confidence in stakeholders.  TRD increases your chances of success by creating thorough plans and deploying a
unique merger and acquisition process so that you reduce your risks and experience a seamless transition to your
new business and operating model.  Because no two transactions are exactly the same, we customize an integration
strategy and plan that fits your business and creates long-term value.
Our merger and acquisition consulting services include due-diligence facilitation, and integration planning and
M&A Due Diligence Facilitation
TRD utilizes a structured but tailored due diligence
process that integrates the appropriate resources,
partners, and stakeholders.  We ensure seamless
communication and effective data and information transfer.

We rigorously manage the due diligence process to
ensure critical considerations are not compromised or
overlooked while achieving targeted deal negotiation
M&A Integration Planning
A solid plan is a critical part of merger and acquisition
integration.  TRD:

  • Collaboratively and objectively establishes or verifies
    integration goals
  • Vets stated deal synergies
  • Establishes a risk management plan
  • Plans for organizational change using change
    management processes
  • Creates and documents a current, transitional, and
    future operating state for the merged enterprise
  • Considers and analyzes desired organizational
  culture and philosophy
  • Identifies and melds best practices of the incumbent
    and target organizations
  • Creates a phased, master integration plan
M&A Integration Implementation
During integration implementation, TRD leads execution
of the plan using its program and project management
methodology. TRD also:

  • Establishes and assures communication protocols
  • Implements systems and processes
  • Executes change management plans
  • Aggressively manages risk
  • Assures proper close-out of all activities, including
    asset reconciliation