Project Portfolio Management
Project management practices influence more than
individual projects, they affect the overall health of
a company’s project portfolio.

By setting a solid project management foundation in your
organization, you’ll be equipped to do your projects right, a
necessary first step to completing your initiatives on time and
on budget.
TriOmni Resources & Development, LLC (TRD) establishes and improves your project management and
project portfolio management tools and processes so that you consistently prioritize and execute the
projects tied to your organization’s strategy that will yield the strongest profit and benefits.  
With the right
project and portfolio management practices in place, you’ll make best use of your time, talent, effort and budget.
TRD’s assessment brings growth opportunities to
the forefront.  

TRD will assess:
  • Organizational commitment to project management
    and project portfolio management
  • PM and PPM processes, tools, and templates
  • Development opportunities for project managers
  • Project portfolio decision making and governance
  • Resource management, change management, and
    risk management tools and practices
Our approach to project portfolio management is all
about understanding your culture and right-sizing
practices to the needs of your organization.  We
ensure that the structure, tools, and processes we
recommend are aligned with your goals and
TRD implements project management and project
portfolio management tools and processes based
on the insight gleaned from our assessment.

TRD will:
  • Close gaps in project managers’ capabilities
  • Create/improve your project management office
  • Serve as your organization’s virtual project
    management office (PMO)
  • Create/improve project and project portfolio
    processes, tools, and templates
  • Create/improve project and project portfolio
    governance structure
  • Create/improve resource planning discipline
  • Evaluate and implement PM and PPM software
as needed
  • Coach, mentor, and train PMs, governance board
    members, functional leaders, and team members
  • Lead pilot projects to demonstrate best practices
    and assure cultural assimilation
  • Reassess periodically to measure progress and
    recommend course corrections
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables an organization
to define, prioritize, understand, and measure the impact of
projects on the organization.  PPM also defines the
magnitude of resource involvement so you don’t over-commit
your teams. Improve your project portfolio management
do the right projects right.